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The Gordian platform

Gordian uses a proprietary in vivo drug discovery platform to identify targets and therapies for complex age-related diseases that are most likely to succeed in human trials.

A decorative image representing Patient Avatars.

I. Patient Avatars

We start discovery in vivo, in animals that most closely represent human patients with our target indications and that have often acquired the disease naturally. We call these Patient Avatars.

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II. Mosaic Screening

We create a pooled library of hundreds of therapies and test them in vivo in individual Patient Avatars, a process we call Mosaic Screening.

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III. Pythia

Instead of focusing on a single hypothesis for disease, Gordian’s Pythia examines the entire transcriptome to see how each of these therapies affects dozens of cellular pathways in the living animal.

At Gordian Biotechnology, we are on a mission to cure age-related disease, allowing people to lead longer, healthier lives and wake up every morning, more capable than the day before.

Francisco LePort CEO
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