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  • You want to wake up each morning, more capable than you were the day before. But eventually, our existence becomes constrained by time. Gordian imagines a life limited only by our imagination rather than by our physiology. We produce medicines that allow each of us to look forward to getting old. We are creating what all of us are running out of: time.

    Francisco LePortCEO
    A portrait of Francisco LePort.
  • Most major diseases are driven by aging, but drug discovery largely ignores aging biology. This complex biology is only properly modeled in scarce animals that have aged and developed disease over time, and testing in these models at scale is only possible with Gordian’s technologies. Testing every therapy in the setting that most closely resembles human patients improves the odds of clinical success.

    Martin Borch JensenCSO
    A portrait of Martin Borch Jensen.

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We are on a mission to cure age-related disease, allowing people to lead longer, healthier lives and wake up more capable than the day before.