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Gordian Values


At Gordian, we believe that company values should guide us through difficult decisions that define who we are. The most useful values help us decide between options that all make sense, rather than being aspirational ideals disconnected from daily behavior. Since they define who we are, values are something on which we’re willing to hire and fire.

I. Full alignment

We do whatever it takes to ensure that every single person in the company understands and connects with our mission. Fulfilling your role is important, but you should know exactly how it fits into the larger strategy, and require us to make that clear.

II. Push for extraordinary

We are aware of the key outcomes of our work and constantly asking, “Is there a way to make this outcome better?”. If there is an opportunity to make a process or deliverable more useful for the overall mission, do it and tell us later. Ask for the resources and support that would help you make things extraordinary, including those that aren’t part of anyone’s job description.

III. Win as a team

We never pursue individual goals at the expense of the team or company. We evaluate and reward success and failure at a team level to train ourselves to optimize for extraordinary results as a collective. We nurture a supportive environment with genuine praise and appreciation for the contributions and efforts of others.

IV. Active transparency

We work in a way that lets other teams know what to expect when, and communicate openly about any and all concerns. We share mistakes early so others can learn, adjust, and assist. We give and seek feedback independently of org charts but in a format that reinforces detached improvement (specific concern → why bad for mission → hear point-of-view → collaborative solution). Internally, we share all the information people need to deliver extraordinary results. We also strive for transparency with people outside the company who benefit from our work.

V. Deliberate inclusion

Gordian is committed to being a beacon for talented people of every culture, gender, and background. We are building the future, everyone must hold a stake in it. In hiring, we weigh aptitude and attitude more heavily than past experience. We structure discussions so that everyone provides input and everyone’s input is considered on its merits. We are creating a diverse community of extraordinary people whose collective thinking leads to better outcomes than any of us would have produced individually.

VI. Grow to be a better version of yourself

Joining Gordian means  joining a team with an ambitious goal. You’ll step into the arena and be forced to give it your all. It won’t be easy or comfortable. But you won’t be on your own: You’ll be surrounded by excellent people who will support you, mentor you, and help you grow to face every challenge, and you’ll do the same for others. You’ll learn and apply state-of-the-art scientific tools, decision-making frameworks, and biotech strategy. After a few years, you’ll look back at your past self and marvel that what felt daunting is now trivial.

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Employee Highlights

  • I owe my growth from a fledgling animal care technician with no industry experience into a confident research assistant to the onslaught of encouragement, knowledge, and trust of the people at Gordian. Gordian has been a hub of mentors for me, who at every moment ooze their excitement for solving answerless problems onto their work, such that they have infected me too with the same excitement and drive to understand.
To me, being a part of Gordian is asking what I can do right now to improve. It is getting high-fived by my manager at the end of a draining day. It is grabbing lunch with a scientist I deeply admire. It is working hard at whatever it is you care about. It is my coworker excitedly showing me their project data on their laptop. It is asking, what next? How do we fix it? Where can I help?

    Jesi NonoraResearch Associate, In Vivo
    A portrait of Jesi Nonora.
  • This being my first stint in industry after being in academia a while, what I found most surprising when I joined Gordian was the feeling of transitioning from one close-knit lab to another. The work has been very much curiosity-driven, detail-oriented, innovative and extremely collaborative, and the entire team is beyond supportive in all aspects. As a computational biologist who enjoys developing and applying new methodologies, all of these elements, combined with the sheer amount of screening data we’re generating and analyzing towards our goal of ultimately developing lasting therapeutics, has allowed for a truly rewarding and intellectually stimulating experience @ Gordian.

    Vinay KarthaSenior Scientist, Computational Biology
    A portrait of Vinay Kartha.
  • Working alongside my supportive and friendly colleagues, both within my immediate team and across teams, is a highlight of working at Gordian for me. Through the framework of Gordian’s matrixed organizational structure, we are constantly exchanging ideas, tapping into each of our expertise and strengths to improve our platform. The collaborative nature of the work not only moves us closer to our shared goal but also cultivates a sense of community and camaraderie within the company. Feeling valued as a member of this dynamic team fuels my motivation to give my best every day.

    Hikaru MiyazakiScientist, Single Cell
    A portrait of Hikaru Miyazaki.

Gors in and out of the lab

Gordian team taking an afternoon out of the office
Headquarters Gordian team meeting
Gordian offsite team meeting
Gordian Platform lecture review
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Gordian holiday team celebration
Gordian Platform lecture review


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