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Mosaic Screening

Phase II of III
Slice of fatty liver tissue at cellular level

Pooled in Vivo Experiments

Mosaic Screening is Gordian’s unique version of pooled in vivo screening in which thousands of targets and therapies are tested in a single sick animal.

Unlike typical in vivo screening, Mosaic Screening uses animals more representative of human patients with the same disease, creating a complicated biological environment similar to what the therapies will encounter in clinical trials.

A pooled library of gene therapies is introduced into the target tissue, turning it into a “mosaic.” Various cells receive different individual therapies, each with a unique barcode, while the rest of the tissue remains unperturbed.

We single-cell sequence the treated tissue and use the library’s unique barcodes to identify the specific treatment given to each cell. The single-cell transcriptome allows us to explore various aspects of disease biology simultaneously in an environment very similar to where a clinical drug would need to be effective.

Gene therapy is fulfilling the promise of miracle cures for rare diseases. But even as delivery technology continues to mature, the field has yet to make headway for much more common complex diseases because of target risk. At Gordian, we leverage proven gene therapy delivery technology to screen thousands of targets for these diseases, eliminating this barrier.

Chris Towne VP of Gene Therapy
A portrait of Chris Towne.