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I. Patient Avatars

Representative models

Patient Avatars are animals that most closely represent human patients with our target indications and that have often acquired the disease naturally.

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Gene therapy is fulfilling the promise of miracle cures for rare diseases. But even as delivery technology continues to mature, the field has yet to make headway for much more common complex diseases because of target risk. At Gordian, we leverage proven gene therapy delivery technology to screen thousands of targets for these diseases, eliminating this barrier.

Chris Towne VP, Gene Therapy
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II. Mosaic Screening

Pooled in vivo experiments

We create a pooled library of hundreds of therapies and test them in vivo in individual Patient Avatars.

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At Gordian, our culture has a single driver: enabling all Gors to do their best work. We craft operational processes that increase productivity, and delete those that do the opposite. We focus benefits on handling as many of life’s concerns as possible. We ensure Gordian goals and the personal goals of every team member are aligned through designed incentive structures and transparent communication between all individuals, regardless of role.

Bharath Kumandan VP, Operations
A portrait of Bharath Kumandan.

III. Pythia

AI-Powered Analysis

Instead of focusing on a single hypothesis for disease, Gordian’s Pythia examines the entire transcriptome to see how each of these therapies affects dozens of cellular pathways in the living animal.

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